BTS Rejuvenate Vale Signage

14 August 2009

Through careful use of composite components, BTS were able to persuade Vale to use a composite structure instead of the proposed aluminium totem signs, used at their facilities across Brazil and the US.

Steel was used as a support for the totems, which were made up of a polyurethane casing for the logo and the text. “The agencies and Vale’s staff were impressed with the results, especially because there were no apparent screws.” said José Alaor Alves, director of BTS. “Basically, we were able to combine beauty and strength”, he added.

Initially, Vale opted to use aluminium for the totems. However, BTS proposed composites as an alternative. “[They are] light, flexible and a lot more resistant to corrosion than aluminium”, says Alves.

For BTS, this was the first of three phases of the Vale contract. In total, eighty Vale locations gained internal and external totems. “It was our greatest work in visual communication since BTS’ foundation. Overall, we processed 20 tons of composites”, calculates the director. According to BTS, another twenty tons of the material will be used in the following phases.

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