ACG Launches High Temperature Resistant Motorsport Prepreg

14 August 2009

Advanced Composites Group Ltd. (ACG), has just launched HTM60, a high temperature moulding epoxy resin matrix system designed to offer high levels of temperature resistance for the motorsport industry.

ACG say that fully post-cured HTM60 is capable of generating an onset Tg of 230°C (445°F) and retains a Tg of 155°C (310°F) under wet conditions. HTM60 will also adhere directly to Nomex honeycomb.

The new resin system is being specifically targeted at both structural and bodywork type applications at all levels in motorsport, as an alternative to Cyanate Ester and Bismaleimide (BMI) systems.

HTM60 is available for use with a wide range of unidirectional, biaxial and woven carbon fibre materials.

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