New Airex T92 Structural PET Foam Core Material

03 April 2009

Alcan Composites has introduced the second generation of PET foam.

Alcan Composites’ PET based core materials Airex T90 and T91 had their market introduction in 2005 and have been applied in a wide range of products such as wind blades, trains, boats and industrial applications. The volumes grew so much that Alcan Composite successfully started up a new PET production line in 2008.

The new Airex T92 will replace today’s Airex T91 and Alcan say that the technical properties of Airex T92 greatly exceed those of its predecessor, resulting in a core material that is lighter while being stronger and stiffer. The material is said to have greater shear elongation at break and therefore damage tolerance.

Airex T92 will be available as rigid sheets and also with conventional sheet finishing options for contourability and/or resin infusion properties. Besides the standard format of 610 x 1220mm Airex T92 can also be delivered in large sheets of 1220x2440mm.

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