MVP Develops System for Pultrusion and New Catalyst Flow Alarm

03 April 2009

Magnum Venus Plastech has developed of a new system for use in pultrusion – the Mini-Link Pultrusion System.

Developed by the MVP Advanced Design Group (ADG), the Mini-Link Pultrusion System is currently being used in Germany by Bayer for field trials and system demonstrations for customers using pultrusion in their process across Europe. MVP has also placed two Mini-Link Pultrusion systems with manufacturers in Canada and Denmark to test the accuracy and durability of the system.

The company has also released the new Cat Sense catalyst flow alarm. The Cat Sense is a pneumatically powered catalyst flow alarm system, with no electricity or batteries needed. It is designed for use on any MVP meter/mix system, and provides a clear audible alarm when the catalyst flow drops below the pre-determined flow setting set by the operator.

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