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CompositeRFQ Launches Online Sourcing Service

29 April 2009

CompositeRFQ has launched an online marketplace for sourcing composite services such as prototyping, low- to high-volume manufacturing, finishing, and other related services.

CompositeRFQ is intended to serve as a destination for business owners that seek quick, cost-effective ways to outsource project-based work to skilled professionals that specialize in composite fabrication within a variety of markets.

“Formed by members of the composites industry, we created this service to address the difficulties that entrepreneurs and businesses have in finding new resources required to expand their composite-related markets,” said Gordon Smith, President of CompositeRFQ. “We are confident that CompositeRFQ will rapidly become the standard for composites professionals working in any capacity.”

CompositeRFQ uses two distinct user accounts in order to access features: a Free User Account and a Subscription Account. A Free User Account allows businesses to post descriptions of their projects free of charge and receive proposals from a global pool of professionals. Other features may enhance these project descriptions, available with per-project upgrade fees. A Subscription Account is required to view project description details and submit proposals on the work. The Subscription fees are applied monthly, the amount depending on the number of proposals a Subscriber wishes to be able to submit per month.

Celebrating the new launch, CompositeRFQ is offering a 50-percent discount to the first one hundred service providers who sign up as Subscription Users before June 15, 2009. This discount will apply to the first six months of service.

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