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Composiflex FlexPLY Test Results Demonstrate Fatigue Life

29 April 2009

Composiflex has completed the first round of FlexPLY material fatigue testing and registered its FlexPLY trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

After 40 million load cycles under accelerated test conditions, Composiflex say that FlexPLY material coupons showed no sign of mechanical failure. Further, modulus of elasticity was maintained within 5% of the starting condition, as evidenced by deflection measurements recorded during alternating stress cycling. By comparison, they say that samples of competitive material exhibited radical changes in deflection and mechanical failure after fewer than half the cycles sustained by Composiflex material.

The FlexPLY trademark will be used to brand the company’s line of high performance composite springs. It will also allow customers to clearly define their spring component specifications by using the trademarked brand name in procurement descriptions.

Composiflex is a supplier of flat composite springs, commonly used on vibratory material handling equipment. FlexPLY springs are available in E-glass/epoxy, carbon/epoxy, and high temperature glass/epoxy materials.

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