All-Finanz Buy Menzolit Compounds International

29 April 2009

The contract to sell the Menzolit-group to the German investor All-Finanz was signed in Heidelberg on April 20th, 2009.

At the beginning of March, the Swedish company Plastal, to which Menzolit formerly belonged, filed for insolvency. Before Plastal's insolvency, extensive negotiations were already in an advanced stage to sell Menzolit Compounds International GmbH and its subsidiaries, but delays were caused due to the actual circumstances of Plastal's insolvency .

This process has now been concluded with All-Finanz (established in 1988 in Freising/Munich), a strategic investor who is the exclusive shareholder of several medium-sized companies, operating mainly in the field of the plastic-processing industry.

Menzolit will continue focussing its business on its core competences: the production of fibre-reinforced thermosetting compounds like SMC, BMC and CIC as well as the expansion and development of technology and products, which allows the company to implement its innovative technologies in an optimal way.

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