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2009 JEC Asia Conferences and Forums: Composites for Better Living

  • Friday, 4th September 2009
  • Reading time: about 6 minutes

JEC has recently announced the full line-up for their 2009 Asia Conferences and Forums event. With the emphasis on ‘Composites for Better Living’, the meeting will centre on wind energy, automotive and mass transportation and construction and civil engineering.

The conference programme is to feature the following:

Technical Conference: Composites Design for Aircraft and Wind Turbines

The three-hour forum aims to provide composite engineers with most modern methods, tools and data to design and produce competitive and durable structures. Organisers say that prior experience in composites is desired but not necessary.

Economic Conference: How to make business more successfully and safely with the composite Asian markets

This will cover the following topics:

▪Markets, figures, key players
▪Trends and growth drivers
▪ Legal aspects: Intellectual property and International trade

1) The trends of “composite application” in Japan JRPS, Mr. Kanemasa Nomaguchi, Board Member, International Exchanging Committee

2) Sustainable Development for Chinese Composites Industry CHINA COMPOSITES INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION – Ms. Lu Qin, Secretary General

3) The Industry in Malaysia MALAYSIAN COMPOSITES ASSOCIATION – Mr. Habibur Rahman Ibrahim,Chairman

4) The Indian Composites Market: present scenario and future outlook MECHEMCO GROUP – Mr. Pradip Thakkar, Chairman – FRP INSTITUTE INDIA, Vice Chairman FRP INSTITUTE, INDIA – Dr. A.Selvam, Executive Secretary

5) The Korean Composites industry Korea Institute of Materials Science – Dr. Byung Sun Kim, Director

6) Intellectual Property: legal Aspects of Today’s Global Business Dealings WINSTON & STRAWN LLP – Mr. Richard P. Gilly, Partner

7) International Trade: legal Aspects of Today’s Global Business Dealings WINSTON & STRAWN LLP – Mr. Daniel L. Porter, Partner

Aeronautics Forum – Composites in MRO: Challenges and possibilities

This will cover the following topics:

▪ Detection of defects
▪ Effective repair processes
▪ Modelling
▪ Upgrading of function and materials

1) The future aircraft maintenance of CFRP structural parts DLR – Mr. Martin Wiedemann, Head of Research Institute

2) Visual Untrasonic, Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation Techniques for Carbon Fibre-Reinforced Composites BEIJING AERONAUTICAL MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH INSTITUTE – Prof. Liu Songping, Non destructive Testing Center

3) Product and process development for out-of-autoclave (OOA) manufacture of aerospace structures HEXCEL – Mr. Gill Harvinder, Technical Support Engineer, South Asia Pacific

4) Is your MRO Facility ready for positive repairs? HEATCON COMPOSITE SYSTEMS – Mr. Dave Brewer, Technical Services Division and Government Programs

5) Methodology of reducing certain manufacturing defects in a composite material process UNIMAP – Mr. Iqbal Hussain Muhammad, Manufacturing Manager

6) Modeling barely visible impact damage and analysing its effects on the compression after impact strength of composites structures DASSAULT SYSTEMES – Mr. Satish Gandhi, Engineering Specialist, Strategy and Marketing

7) Carbon nanotube based composites for aerospace applications NANOCYL – Mr. Thibaud Vaugien, Sales & Marketing Manager and Mr. Ajay Godara, Researcher

Wind Energy Forum – Composites in Wind Energy: from financing, material selection to maintenance

This will cover the following topics:

▪ Financing the market
▪ Value chain: from material, testing, repair & maintenance
▪ Advanced materials & technologies
▪ Case study: domestic wind solutions

This will cover the following topics:

1) Financing the Wind Turbine VESTAS ASIA PACIFIC – Mr. Naveen Raghavan Balachandran, Business Development Manager

This will cover the following topics:

2) Value Chain of WT industry and its technology strategies VESTAS TECHNOLOGY R&D – Dr. Srikanath Narasimalu, Director, Aero-Mechanists Systems

3) Advanced epoxy resin technology for windmill blade NAGASE CHEMTEX CORPORATION – Mr. Takahiro Nishiguchi, R&D Manager

4) Nanotechnology for toughened araldite systems HUNTSMAN ADVANCED MATERIALS – Mr. Chang Chih, Technology Manager

5) POSS-Modified Clays and Their Potential Applications as Reinforcements in Epoxy-Based Composites NANYANG TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE & ENGINEERING (NTU) – Dr. Xuehong Lu

6) Adhesive technologies for the next generation of blades HENKEL – Mr. Richard Beck, Global Market Manager, Global Wind Energy and Frekote Market Manager

7) Optimizing the next generation of high efficiency Wind Turbines HUSH – Mr. Patrick Glynn, Research and Development Consultant Hush Wind Power Ltd

Automotive & Mass Transportation Forum: Virtual, lighter and greener composites solutions

This will cover the following topics:

▪ The virtual vehicle
▪ Composites new properties & applications
▪ Energy savings in Transportation
▪ The green vehicle

1) The Effect of Recession on the Automotive Industry in the Emerging Markets BCH (India) – Mrs. Ritika Gupta, Executive Director

2) The Virtual Vehicle: Case Studies in NVH, Durability, Safety and Handling MSC. SOFTWARE ASIA – Mr. Winston Vigil, Technical Lead Manager

3) One single instrument for multiple capabilities in composite dynamic testing 01DB-METRAVIB / DMA DIVISION – Mr. Arnaud Favier, International Sales Manager, DMA Products and Consulting

4) Case studies: Innovation in composite CNG Cylinders, High Performance Reinforcement for vehicle up armouring
Case Study 1: OCV (THAILAND). CO., LTD – Mr. Thierry Deconninck, High Performance Reinforcements Technical Support, Asia Pacific
– How innovative High-Performance Fiberglass participates to the mass development of CNG cylinders

Case Study 2:
OCV (INDIA) – Mr. Jitendra Godse, Country Leader, (Technical Services High Performance Reinforcements)
– Newly developed High performance reinforcements imparts composites unique blast and ballistic protection properties.
– Stronger, Lighter and Affordable structural and Armor solution

5) Large area vapor grown carbon fiber mats for use in highly thermally conductive composite heat spreaders NATIONAL CHENG KUNG UNIVERSITY – Prof. Jyh-Ming Ting, Materials, Science & Engineering Department

6) Energy saving strategy in transportation by CFRP THE UNIVERSITY OF TOKYO – Prof. Dr. Eng. Jun Takahashi, Department of Systems Innovation, School of Engineering

7) The latest application of the foam cored sandwich structure in China automotive and railway car EVONIK DEGUSSA CO.,LTD – Mr. Hu Pei, Director, Film and Foam Product, Asia Pacific

8) Development of car components using Natural Fibres and a new evolution in biomaterials TOYOTA AUTO BODY CO., LTD – Mr. Nishimura Takuya, Project Manager

Construction & Civil Engineering forum: Meet the huge Asian demand

▪ Success of GRP pipes over conventional pipes
▪ Revolutionary pipes production & applications
▪ Maintenance, Repair & Rehabilitation

1) Composites working in construction PLA, PLASTIC LINING ASSOCIATION – Mr. Kanemasa Nomaguchi, President

2) Success of GRP Pre-insulated piping in District Cooling Industry ABU DHABI PIPE FACTORY LLC – Mr. Lal Abdul Salam, Operations Manager

3) Advancements in GRP pipes production AUTONATIONAL B.V. – Mr. Marc Vlug, Commercial Director

4) New Techniques for the Repair of Concrete and Steel Structures in the Mining and Construction Sector SUMITOMO AUSTRALIA – Mr. Christian Marston, Department Manager

5) FRPM pipes for earthquake-resistance and rehabilitation KURIMOTO PLASTICS CO.,LTD. – Mr. Noritaka Ono, R&D Manager, International Department

6) Case studies: the 1st free standing all composite structure DK COMPOSITES – Mr. Habibur Rahman Ibrahim, Director

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