New Lightweight Bike Frame Using TeXtreme Reinforcements

05 September 2008

At Eurobike 08, bicycle part manufacturer Asia Seiko will introduce its carbon fibre frame, Fight Weapon, using TeXtreme Spread Tow fabric and TeXero Spread Tow UD tape.

The new frame is remarkably lightweight and durable thanks to TeXtreme Spread Tow carbon fibre fabric and TeXero Spread Tow UD. Together with Oxeon AB, Asia Seiko has developed a unique frame design that features technically-advanced fabric for enhanced performance and aesthetics.

TeXtreme Spread Tow carbon fibre fabric and TeXero Spread Tow UD are available in extremely low areal weights, thus reducing the weight of the new frame lower than that of a traditional carbon fibre frames.

“We like the material because of its lightweight and exclusive look” explained Soar Tseng, CEO for Asia Seiko, “The 80 gsm TeXtreme material allowed us to reduce the weight while the stiffness increased. This, in turn, gave us a possibility to produce a truly one piece bicycle frame with extension seat post. Also, the look is really nice and gives another dimension to the frame”.

According to Henrik Olofsson, CEO at Oxeon AB, “By combining Asia Seiko’s great bike manufacturing expertise with TeXtreme spread tow fabric, we were able to produce a frame that really stands out from its competitors.”

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