DSM Composite Resins Behind Team In Zero Emission Race

05 September 2008

Students at the Delft University of Technology reached the first place in the world’s premiere hydrogen-powered race on August 23 in Rotterdam.

As a sponsor, DSM Composite Resins supported the team with advice and material. The bodywork of the vehicle was almost completely shaped from Turane resins - one of the latest innovations of DSM Composite Resins. These ‘thermoset urethane’ resins are designed to combine the best qualities of epoxies and polyester urethane in a single material.

Formula Zero is the first race competition worldwide that produces pure water as sole emission. The initiative originated to present hydrogen as alternative fuel in an appealing way. Student teams of six leading technical universities in the world have developed their own special vehicles for this contest. The bodywork of the very advanced kart of the Dutch team “Greenchoice-Forze” of the Delft University of Technology is built from DSM materials. Turane resins are used for the body, air channels, floor plate, absorption bumpers and parts of the dash board. The exterior of the vehicle is reinforced with Dyneema, which is DSM’s high performance polyethylene fibre.

Edgar van Os, Greenchoice Forze’s team leader: “The DSM products match our desires perfectly. Turane resins flow easily and cure very quickly, so it’s possible to use vacuum infusion to produce large parts that are both extremely light and strong”.

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