Aurora Signs Contract to Build Minotaur IV Composite Structures

05 September 2008

Aurora Flight Sciences has been awarded a contract from Orbital to build Minotaur IV Composite Structures.

Recognizing that Orbital's strategy was to develop the Minotaur IV Launch Vehicle at an affordable cost, Aurora plans to build the composite parts in its low-cost manufacturing facilities in West Virginia, where the company can provide a combination of lean manufacturing, low labour costs, and advanced processing methods in modern facilities, resulting in an economical acquisition cost for the Minotaur IV Composite Structures.

Aurora says that it is uniquely qualified to build the Minotaur IV Composite Structures for Orbital as proven with the design and manufacturing of NASA qualified spaceflight hardware which has flown on 28 space missions, including numerous human spaceflight experiments and safety critical flight hardware.

""Aurora is honoured to have been selected by the Orbital to do this work,"" said Aurora Vice President of Aerostructures, Dan Brady. ""We take great pride in our company's leading edge innovation, and our unique capabilities in composites manufacturing. We have a long history of working with Orbital and look forward to continuing that tradition.""

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