Applied NanoWorks MCP Technology Platform Now Available

05 September 2008

Applied NanoWorks, an inorganic materials development company, announces the availability of MCP Technology for research and development, joint development agreements and material manufacturing applications.

The MCP Technology patent-pending process creates new inorganic molecules for custom applications in organic material systems. The flexibility and organic compatibility of the designed molecules are enabled through ligand attachment sites and nano-particle growth capabilities. Applications currently in development through the Molecular Control Platform (MCP) include an adhesion promoter for improvement of adhesion strength in composites.

“Our MCP Technology platform has the capability to deliver thousands of completely new inorganic molecules from one cost-effective manufacturing process,” said Dr. Kyle Litz, ANW’s Chief Technology Officer. “With it we have the tool to solve many material system application problems that before were extremely cumbersome or unattainable.”

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