DSM Composite Resins Expands Production Capacity for Gelcoats in China

14 September 2008

DSM Composite Resins is expanding the annual production capacity of its gelcoats and resin products at the manufacturing facility in Nanjing, China.

The plant is owned by Jinling DSM Resins Co. Ltd (JDR), which is a joint-venture between DSM and its Chinese partner Sinopec formed in 1992. The firm produces and sells high quality unsaturated polyester resins and gelcoats at its facility in Nanjing.

The first gelcoat equipment in Nanjing was constructed in 2001 and has supported DSM in growing the gelcoat business. Today JDR expanded its production capacity to meet ever-increasing Asian demand.

Cooperation between DSM and JDR technicians in Europe and China has created innovative gelcoat equipment and high quality products. As demand for gelcoat products has accelerated in Asian markets since 2001, optimizations have been carried out on the reactors at Nanjing to meet this demand. Sales growth has been so strong that the decision has been made to add three extra mixers.

The addition of this new state-of-the-art equipment will make the Chinese plant a highly technologically advanced facility for producing high performance gelcoats that can be used in many industrial applications, such as the marine market. In particular, high-tech applications for the marine industry are experiencing high sales figures due to tremendous growth in the Chinese marine industry.

“We are building upon our reputation in Europe for serving the marine industry with high quality gelcoats and applications,” says Henry Tang, marketing and sales manager JDR “We are using all our expertise from our European operations to ensure that the high levels of consistency and quality our customers have come to expect will remain during our expansion phase. The additional capacity will ensure we continue to meet the need of the rapidly growing industrial demand in Asia.”

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