Schiebel Chooses ACG Materials for Its Camcopter UAV

06 October 2008

Advanced Composites has been selected by Schiebel as one of its preferred suppliers of material for its Camcopter S- 100 Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV).

In particular, ACG’s MMT49 and LTM212 prepregs were selected for the manufacture of the UAV’s carbon-fibre monocoque fuselage and tooling.

Camcopter S-100 is a highly versatile autonomous UAV system developed to provide a balance between advanced capabilities and operation in tactical environments. The system consists of a compact helicopter aerial vehicle that can be fitted with a wide variety of payloads tailored to meet diverse user requirements.

The aircraft, which measures 3110mm (122in) long x 1040mm (41in) high x 1240mm (49in) wide, with a rotor diameter of 3400mm (133.9in), is capable of carrying a 25 kg (55 lbs) payload for up to six hours. The UAV is powered by an aviation-certified rotary engine. The S-100 is also being developed for maritime applications, where it is capable of landing on helicopter deck-equipped ships without the use of additional landing equipment.

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