Sparta Awarded Contract for Javelin Missile Composite Airframe Components

31 October 2008

Sparta Composite Products has been awarded a contract by the Raytheon/Lockheed Martin Javelin Joint Venture to continue production of composite airframe components for the Javelin Missile.

Since the early 1990’s Sparta has been involved in the design, development and production of Javelin composite airframe components: from engineering, manufacturing development, through initial production and into the multi-year phases. The composite components replaced the aluminium baseline components and reduced both weight and cost.

Sparta uses its innovative net-shape matched metal moulding process to produce the high tolerance parts to meet the strict tolerance and performance requirements. This program has been aided by the Sparta development of three generations of dedicated, semi-automated machines to aid in the lay-up, consolidation and curing of the parts. Since the start of the Javelin program, Sparta has delivered approximately 200,000 composite Javelin Missile Components.

Paul Oppenheim, Sparta Vice President and General Manager, said, “we are very proud to play a vital role on this important program. Sparta’s on-time delivery and excellent quality credentials on this program have led to several supplier awards in the past from our customers, and we remain committed to the Javelin program as one of our top priority programs.”

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