Draganflyer X6 UAV RC Helicopter Introduced

13 October 2008

Draganfly Innovations has launched the Draganflyer X6 helicopter, a miniature aircraft for commercial/industrial aerial video and photography.

The Draganflyer X6 helicopter is easy to fly, capable of operating autonomously, and has an appearance that is nothing like a conventional helicopter. The unique design utilizes six main horizontal rotor blades and allows the Draganflyer X6 helicopter to hover efficiently and maneuver rapidly using differential thrust.

The helicopter uses six custom designed high efficiency carbon fibre rotors and direct drive brushless motors which result in a quiet and maintenance free helicopter. It weighs 1kg and has a payload capacity of 500 grams.

The Draganflyer X6 is a fully functional miniature unmanned electric powered helicopter. Aimed at industrial and commercial use, it provides reconnaissance and inspection information using on-board wireless video and still cameras. The helicopter is able to fly autonomously or can be flown manually by remote control, and determines its own orientation and motion and moves where the operator instructs it, automatically handling the attitude and altitude adjustments that would ordinarily require a practiced pilot. gThe ease with which this helicopter can be piloted is the most revolutionary feature of the Draganflyer X6 says company president, Zenon Dragan.

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