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New VOC-free Cleaning Agents in Europe

20 November 2008

To help the composites industry reduce its VOC emissions and work in a safer environment, Cray Valley have launched its Thermaclean cleaning agents in Europe, after 15 years of experience in North America.

As both the legislation and the requirements of insurers become increasingly stringent, the storage and use of highly flammable solvents such as acetone and methylene chloride become more and more of a headache for composite transformers. Cray Valley says that the Thermaclean range offers a non-flammable, low hazard option whilst remaining cost effective and most importantly the products actually work.

Thermaclean formulae have been especially developed for cleaning unsaturated polyester resins and gelcoats. The two first cleaners are GunFlush ES for cleaning resin and gelcoat projection equipment, and UnisolveTM EX for other processes, such as SMC-BMC, RTM, polymer concrete, continuous processes and pultrusion.

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