New Self Releasing Tubular Bagging Film for High Temperature Curing

20 November 2008

Dahlar Release Bag 520 from Airtech is a self releasing multi-layer bagging film for direct contact with prepreg for fabrication of hollow parts.

Airtech say that Dahlar Release Bag 520 exhibits superior strength, temperature resistance up to 220degC, vacuum integrity of Airtech’s multi-layer film technology and excellent release from epoxy and polyester resins.

Thanks to the gusset folding, the Dahlar Release Bag 520 is easy to position accurately in hollow parts. Upon application of pressure the bag will expand to fit to the shape of the part which is very useful in applications where there are variations in the part diameter. This development ensures even application of internal pressure in cases of small diameter parts, where the insertion of a standard lay flat tube bagging film can be problematic.

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