New Automated Fibre Placement machine from Automated Dynamics

20 November 2008

Automated Dynamics has launched its newest Automated Fibre Placement (AFP), the AFP-0245 Tubular.

This AFP machine hosts multiple fibre placement head technologies including an in-situ consolidation thermoplastic prepreg head, a thermoset prepreg head, and other proprietary processing technologies. The processing heads are compact and can be changed out quickly, ideal for production environments. This machine was built as a right-sized piece of equipment for a specific range of applications, including tubular structures. The machine was built on a robot mover, keeping costs low by utilizing off-the-shelf technology. The adjustable tailstock allows this machine to produce parts up to 45 feet in length and 2 feet in diameter.

The AFP-0245 Tubular has both a fixed operator station and a remote operator station. This in-house machine is used for production and prototyping.

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