The Composites Market in Europe

11 November 2008

The German Federation of Reinforced Plastics (AVK) has published its annual survey about the market coverage and developments of the fibre-reinforced plastics for 2007-2008 (“The Composites Market in Europe: Market Developments, Challenges, and Opportunities”).

According to the report, the fibre composite plastics market in Europe, with a growth of 5.6% in 2007 once more on the increase, is facing new challenges. Changing market conditions and technological developments also influence individual processing techniques and areas of application for the resulting components. Composites companies may take the lead if market participants utilise their strengths proactively and embrace the variety of opportunities that offer themselves.

The survey has a closer look at the volumes created by individual production processes, summarized for the whole Europe.

The full 15-page report can be downloaded from the link below

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