Polynova Composites and Scott & Fyfe Establish License Agreement

11 November 2008

Polynova Composites and Scott & Fyfe have set up worldwide licensing agreement to further the development of the companies’ current and future product lines.

“Technologically advanced textiles are the hallmark of both companies,” commented Michael Schwartz, Polynova’s COO. “The Polybeam technology at the heart of this agreement streamlines closed mould processing and enhances product performance. Furthermore, manufacturers that adopt this technology will be demonstrating a commitment to environmental stewardship in addition to product excellence. Polynova is very pleased with this opportunity to advance the art of composites manufacturing in cooperation with Scott & Fyfe.”

“This agreement and our good relationship with Polynova Composites enables Scott & Fyfe to improve manufacturing solutions to our customers,” said Robert Martin, Managing Director of Scott & Fyfe. “We believe that the license arrangement with Polynova Composites demonstrates our continued leadership in textiles for closed mould processing and products such as Polymat “Hi-Flow” can be accessed by manufacturers of composite parts to improve cost effectiveness while reducing environmental impact.”

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