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LRM Launches New Sheetless Thermoforming Production

11 November 2008

LRM Industries has announced a new innovative production line, custom designed for the STF Sheetless ThermoForming technology, which was invented by LRM in 2007.

The line produces large thermoformed parts on 3 to 5 trolleys in a circular track architecture, coating molten polymer directly onto traditional thermoforming moulds. Pre-manufactured sheets are not required with the STF Sheetless ThermoForming(TM) process, which LRM says alows significant savings in the production of large heavy-gauge parts, and very high productivity.

According to LRM, thermoplastic composite thermoformed parts and structures can be also be moulded using long fibre reinforcement with this same technology.

LRM is a joint venture company of NOVA Chemicals and Envirokare Tech, established to commercialize TPF ThermoPlastic Flowforming technology, a process technology for producing large, feature-rich, long-fibre reinforced thermoplastic composite parts in one fully automated moulding operation.

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