American Coach Switches to Lord Engineered Adhesives

11 November 2008

When Mexico’s American Coach sought to replace the typical metal design of the luggage doors on their HL2 and HL models using fibre reinforced plastics (FRPs), they also had to find a better way to bond the assembly.

Once they finished the new design of the luggage doors using FRP and conducted several trials with different adhesive and sealant manufacturers, the team leaders of the project, Engineering Manager Martin Amezcua and Product Engineer Jaime Cruz, contacted Lord Corporation. According to Jaime Cruz, Lord Corporation’s structural adhesives allowed American Coach to obtain a perfect appearance on the FRP with the expected strength bonding.

Lord Corporation’s solution was Lord 406/19 GB – an acrylic adhesive that bonds a variety of prepared and unprepared metals and engineering plastics and FRP. In use for more than a decade, these adhesives have proven to be extremely reliable when exposed to demanding outdoor environments.

“Not only were the aesthetics of the doors improved, but the use of Lord adhesives also reduced the time spent in the post finishing and weight of the parts, all contributing to a 10 percent reduction in cost,” said Cruz.

According to Arnulfo Garcia, Lord Sales Representative, the use of Lord adhesives enabled the removal of unsightly screws on the outside body, resulting in a more durable and appealing coach. Another benefit is the savings in labour and material costs. Once the crews became accustomed to the adhesive bonding process, they quickly recognized its speed, which has a direct impact on their weekly production goals.

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