ComPoLyX Finite Element Post-Processing for Composite Structures

08 May 2008

Evolutionary Engineering has released ComPoLyX, a post-processing tool for composite parts and sandwich panels with the possibility of evaluating interlaminar normal stresses from layered shell finite elements.

ComPoLyX evaluates failure measures (reserve factor, inverse reserve factor and margin of safety) at all integration points for all layers. These common measures provide comparison and combination of multiple failure criteria for fibre reinforced plastics and sandwich panels.

In addition, ComPoLyX supports a method for interlaminar normal stress evaluation based on layered shell finite elements. This allows 3D strength analysis which is important in composite structures where interlaminar strengths are much smaller than those in in-plane directions. Each strain and stress component can be visualized ply or layer-wise at bottom, mid and top. Global plies are maintained within ComPoLyX and can be accessed for post-processing.

ComPoLyX supports all the major FE-packages.

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