Gulf Composite Materials Develops VE Prepreg Pipe-Joining Process

07 May 2008

Gulf Composite Materials of Dubai, U.A.E., has developed a new method for joining composite pipes using heat-activated prepreg.

In collaboration with a local Dubai pipes manufacturing company, the joining process was demonstrated, using the Simprex M655-200 vinyl ester prepreg, where a small diameter pipe (10 cm) was wrapped and then heated in an oven. The bond strength of the joint was determined by measuring the axial tensile strength, which was 422.8 MPa, vs. 218 MPa for the traditional joint product.

Larger diameter pipes (33 cm) have been processed for demonstration outside the oven, where the total wrapping and curing time was less than 40 minutes. Axial Tensile Strength and standardized internal pressure tests will be conducted to evaluate the overall performance of this new joining technique.

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