GB Wins Gold on Bikes Engineered with ACG Technology

07 May 2008

Advanced Composites Group has played its part in the GB cycling team’s success at the 2008 UCI World Track Cycling World Championships, in Manchester, UK.

A number of the nine gold medals can be attributed, in part, to bikes manufactured from ACG’s pre-impregnated (prepreg) composite carbon fibre materials.

Several of the Great Britain Cycling Team’s stealthy black carbon fibre machines are constructed exclusively from ACG’s MTM prepreg materials and manufactured in the Group’s engineering facility Advanced Composite Engineering (ACE).

ACG is no stranger to the manufacture of world-beating racing bikes. ACG followed Great Britain’s Cycling Team’s successes in the 1992 Summer Olympics by designing and building racing bikes for the 2004 British Olympic Team, which won gold, silver and bronze medals at the Olympics in Athens, Greece, after which they continued to succeed at many other Championships.

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