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Automated Dynamics Introduces AFP/ATL-0510 Robot

20 May 2008

Automated Dynamics’ Affordable Automation Team has introduced its latest Automated Fibre Placement (AFP) and Automated Tape Laying (ATL) machine: the AFP/ATL-0510 Robot.

By using the Kawasaki robot platform, Automated Dynamics say that they have achieved an inexpensive, off the shelf solution which brings versatility and a small workcell footprint while still offering a robust, production solution.

With a standard work envelope of 10’ (3.0m) x 5’ (1.5m) and 4’ (1.2m) revolute parts with the addition of a spindle system, the robot workcell addresses a typical collection of small to medium sized, complex structures that are commonly laid up by hand. Mounting of the robot on a robot mover axis further customizes the maximum part length. This machine is capable of hosting multiple processing head technologies, including thermoset and thermoplastic AFP and ATL. The AFP/ATL-0510 Robot comes standard with Automated Dynamics off-line FPM and on-line FPS software. This proprietary software handles the import of part geometry data or the origination of this data, process and ply table data entry, path generation and the human/machine interface, all operating in a Windows environment.

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