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Fibre Companies to Jointly Produce Recycled Carbon Fibre

14 May 2008

Toray, Teijin and Mitsubishi Rayon plan to establish a joint venture in 2009 to collect and recycle used carbon fibre recovered from aircraft and other equipment.

The capitalization and ownership ratios in the new firm have not yet been determined, and there are plans to invite other manufacturers of carbon fibre like to join the partnership.

The venture will outsource the recycling work to a plant in Fukuoka Prefecture owned by Mitsui Mining Co. Test operations started in April, and samples will be shipped to the three firms probably this autumn. Annual output of the recycled carbon fibre will start at several hundred tons and eventually be raised to 1,000 tons.

Toray and the other firms will each purchase the carbon fibre from the joint venture and then mix it with plastics to manufacture materials that will be priced at about 2,000 yen per kilogram, more than 30 per cent less than non-recycled materials of the same strength.

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