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Composite Technology Production Expansion

14 May 2008

Composite Technology Corporation’s subsidiary, CTC Cable Corporation, has expanded its composite ACCC (Aluminum Conductor Composite Core) production capacity.

The Irvine, California, facility has completed an expansion of its core manufacturing area with the addition of over 9,200 square feet of processing space.

CTC Cable Corporation produces composite rod for use in its patented ACCC conductors, which are high efficiency conductors for use in electrical transmission grid systems. CTC Cable is now placing the pultrusion production lines in the area, which upon full population of the floor will expand the production capacity of the facility for ACCC core by over 250%, from its current capacity of 5,200 kilometres per year to over 18,000 kilometres per year. CTC Cable manufactures its own custom pultrusion machines in a separate area of the Irvine facility and plans to place 10 machines in the new production area during the next 3 months.

""Over the last year it became increasingly evident we needed to add capacity. This expansion will be a great benefit to CTC Cable and our customers, since we will be able to shorten production times and take advantage of market opportunities,"" stated Marv Sepe, COO of CTC and President of CTC Cable.

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