AGY Expands Composite Armour Portfolio

04 March 2008

To meet the demand for materials that provide increased performance and lighter weight, AGY has introduced two new glass fibres, Featherlight and Quicksilver.

These fibre, together with AGY’s existing S-2 Glass, create a portfolio of protection against a range of threats. According to Drew Walker, AGY Vice President of Sales and Marketing, “Composites have become a key component in the battle to keep military vehicles such as MRAP and HUMVEE from becoming hugely overweight.”

The new Featherlight glass fibres are engineered to deliver ultra high performance against severe threat levels. The advanced Featherlight fibres provide an increase in protection of 5 to 10% over standard S-2 Glass fibre composite armour.

The new Quicksilver glass fibres enable significantly stronger, stiffer and lighter composite parts than traditional E-glass reinforcements. They are designed to be a cost-effective solution where weight is deemed to be less of a concern.

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