AAR Expands Its Composites Business

04 March 2008

AAR is significantly expanding its composites manufacturing operations with the lease of a 90,000 square-foot facility located at the McClellan Business Park, formerly McClellan Air Force Base, in Sacramento, California.

AAR will occupy the portion of the McClellan facility formerly used by the U.S. Air Force for manufacturing composite replacement aircraft parts. The expansion provides more than four times the Company’s current composites manufacturing capability through additional equipment and added capacity at the facility.

“Increasingly, the aircraft community is using a higher percentage of composite content in the manufacturing process as it seeks to take advantage of the material’s improved strength and lighter weight,” said David P. Storch, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of AAR CORP. “We’re expanding our composites manufacturing capacity to capitalize on this trend and keep pace with our customers’ changing requirements.”

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