Polystrand Shows Lightweight Reinforcement at JEC

31 March 2008

Polystrand has developed a lightweight reinforcement tape for applications needing a high strength-to-weight ratio.

The continuous 12.5” wide tape provides 70 percent glass fibres by weight in a thermoplastic matrix. The new lighter reinforcement weighs only about 8 ounces per square yard, a 15 percent reduction in weight compared to a standard tape.

“This new product was developed for the transportation market,” said Ed Pilpel, president of Polystrand. “With today’s high fuel costs, the industry wants to remove every ounce they can out of aircraft and trucks. The new reinforcement helps reduce weight while retaining needed strength, stiffness and impact resistance.”

Pilpel said the product has been made successfully on Polystrand’s 12-1/2” line and the production technology will be applied to its larger 25” line.

Samples of the new lightweight reinforcement will be shown at JEC 2008 where Polystrand is exhibiting for the third time. The company’s stand will be at location H5.

The company has also signed a European distribution agreement with glass fibre producer AGY covering Polystrand’s line of ThermoBallistic products. AGY makes glass fibre yarns and reinforcement materials including high-strength S 2 Glass products.

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