ACG Launches New DForm - Deformable Composite System

31 March 2008

The Advanced Composite Group (ACG), part of the Composites Division of Umeco plc, has launched DForm, its latest innovation in prepreg technology.

This tooling and mass production component prepreg is ACG’s advanced Deformable Composite System (DCS), a time and cost-saving prepreg technology that combines the conformability of a short fibre moulding compound with the directional characteristics of a high performance, long fibre composite.

This combination of characteristics is achieved through selective fibre slitting of a unidirectional prepreg precursor. Presented in a multi-layer configuration, DForm offers appropriate strength characteristics with no loss of stiffness. Moreover, ACG says that it does not require detailed laminating or extensive vacuum debulking, but readily flows under press or autoclave pressure to replicate the precise details of a complex mould tool or components.

Dr. John Nixon, Technical Marketing Manager at ACG, said: “This new, market leading technology is an exciting addition to our extensive product range. This product will allow customers to save money and improve efficiency whilst maintaining the high standard expecting of our products. We look forward to working with our customers to find and develop new and exciting applications for such a versatile technology.”

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