Water-Based Release System for Wind Blade Production

11 March 2008

Axel Plastics Research Laboratories has launched a new water-based XTEND release system specially designed for wind blade production.

The system is comprised of a water-based mould sealer, WS-47, and a matte finish mould release W-7838D. Axels new water-based release system is designed to provide a matt surface on finished parts, meet EU health and safety requirements and still remain tough enough to withstand the rigours of the epoxy infusion process, according to Nancy Teufel, Axels Product Manager.

Both XTEND WS-47 mould sealer and XTEND W-7838D mould release are recommended for spray application on either ambient or heated tools. The non-flammable, odour free products are quick drying and curing, and will provide multiple releases of epoxy or polyester parts.

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