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New AVK Board Elected

11 March 2008

A new board was elected during the AVK General Meeting in Frankfurt.

The following members were confirmed in office:

Jürgen H. Aurer, BÜFA Reaktionsharze GmbH & Co. KG,
Dr. Michael Effing, Huntsman Material & Effects
Dr. Tilman Schultz, Chemowerk GmbH
Dr. Rudolf Kleinholz (co-opted)

The following members were newly elected:

Gabi Thomas, Ticona GmbH
Dr. Gerd Esswein, Freudenberg Forschungsdienste KG
Dr. Lars Peters, Polymer-Consulting (co-opted)

The following members resigned from office:

Frank Bruns, Menzolit Composites International GmbH and
Volker Fritz, Centrachem AG

Jürgen H. Aurer was voted into the chair, Dr. Michael Effing was elected vice-chairman, and Dr. Tilman Schultz was appointed as the new treasurer.

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