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DSM Dyneema Reveals New Technology Platform for Vehicle Armour

24 June 2008

At this year’s Eurosatory, the International Land, Airland, Homeland Defence Exhibition in Paris, DSM Dyneema launched its new technology platform for vehicle protection.

This follows DSM’s recent announcement of a 450 million USD investment in its Dyneema business. This new technology platform is currently under evaluation for key vehicle protection programs before becoming commercially available. DSM say that products derived from it will allow armour designers and decision makers to balance the requirements for better performing vehicles, increased payloads, and room for future weight growth, as well as addressing the need for better protection against the most dangerous and emerging threats today.

DSM Dyneema, known for UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight PolyEthylene ) fibre and UniDirectional (UD) textile roll-goods, has added a ballistic UHMWPE tape system that they say provides the ideal platform for lightweight yet highly effective vehicle armour solutions..

Ivo Oerlemans, marketing manager Vehicle Protection for DSM Dyneema says, “We are very excited about the possibilities of this new tape technology. This will broaden the range of choice we offer the market in vehicle protection significantly. Prototype “X32” is currently being evaluated by a targeted group of key partners who have an urgent need to provide capable vehicle protection for the most difficult emerging threats, without crippling vehicles with weight. First sales in these programs are expected in the second part of this year”.

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