IDES & Firehole Partner to Develop Searchable Composite Materials Database

19 June 2008

IDES and Firehole Technologies have entered a strategic partnership to develop a searchable composite materials database.

“There is a significant need among the engineering design community to be able to quickly locate candidate composite materials, compare them to similar materials, and access reliable material data for those materials” said Jerad Stack, CEO of Firehole Technologies Inc. “We approached IDES because they are the industry leader in managing complex materials data.”

“Firehole Technologies has extensive actual test data for composite materials, making it an excellent fit for our database technologies that are specifically suited for managing complex materials information,” said Mike Kmetz, president of IDES Inc. “We are excited to be working with them to develop a comprehensive search engine for composites.”

The tool is planned to offer powerful, engineering specific search functionality for a vast array of composite materials.

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