DSM Composite Resins Plans Large Investment to Increase Capacity

19 June 2008

DSM Composite Resins has embarked upon an extensive engineering study that could lead to a large expansion to its manufacturing facilities in Compiègne, France.

The company is increasing its focus on innovation and specialty products, such as DSM’s new Turane resins.. If the plant expansion gets the go-ahead from the engineering study, the capacity will be expanded by up to 20,000 tonnes per year, particularly for specialty products.

“DSM sees continued strong growth in demand for its Unsaturated Polyester Resin (UPR) products, specifically for its high performance and Hybrid materials,” says Boudewijn Morelissen Business Director for Composite Resins Europe, “With this investment DSM highlights its commitment to supporting our customers’ growth by increasing this specialty capacity and creating enhanced capabilities to produce next generation composite materials. These products offer higher performance, are more sustainable, and are made from non oil-based raw materials.”

In the initial engineering study the company will conduct additional research, planning and create detailed estimates of final expenditure. Contact with local authorities is ongoing to ensure proper integration of this project in the region where the Compiègne Site is located.

After final approval - which is expected in Q4 2008 -, the expansion will be completed by late 2009/ early 2010.

Gerard van Binsbergen, Global Manufacturing Director DSM Composite Resins says, “this is a complex and challenging project because we are renovating a large section of one of our major sites while simultaneously maintaining normal operations. We are committed to making this project a success.”

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