Altek Technology Helps Nordic Tugs Make Classic Boats

25 July 2008

In a marketing twist, Nordic Tugs offers the charm, performance and fuel efficiency of the seafaring classic by building tug boat cruisers ready for pleasure, with help from Altek resin technology developed by AOC.

A great measure of Nordic Tugs’ international reputation comes from paying close attention to boat construction details and quality. The hulls are a solid laminate manufactured in an open mould. After applying a gel coat and vinyl ester skin coat, workers build layers of fibreglass reinforcing materials in an Altek H834-R Series unsaturated polyester resin.

Nordic Tugs also uses the open mould process to manufacture deck laminates, which encapsulate urethane foam cores in strategic locations to add stiffness and reduce weight. The company manufactures tops, soles, and for two models, bulkheads using the resin infusion process.

AOC chemists designed the Altek H834-R Series to incorporate dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) technology to achieve a low-styrene, low-profile resin. Altek H834-R Series products offer processability in a formulation that complies with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards that call for less than 35% styrene content. Compared to conventional orthophthalic polyesters, AOC say that the H834-R Series provides lower process emissions, faster cure rates, higher heat distortion temperatures, and smoother surface finishes.

“Wetting is very important to our process, and the AOC product wets out our 32-ounce stitched material very well,” says Brian Flemming, lamination manager. “AOC has provided us with a consistent, quality product from truck-load to truck-load. This consistency contributes to our overall quality and durability.”

Nordic Tugs Purchasing Manager Al Womac points out the service that comes with AOC resins. “AOC Sales Representative Herb Knudson goes the extra mile for us,” Womac says. “Any questions that I have are answered in the timely fashion. AOC has always provided prompt, on-time delivery, the day that’s noted on the purchase order. We have used AOC resin for eight years now. It has proven to be a very good resin for us.”

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