Teijin to Acquire GH Craft and Launch R&D Center for Composite Materials

02 July 2008

Teijin will acquire a majority stake in GH Craft Ltd and establish the tentatively named Teijin Composites Innovation Center (TCIC) on the premises of GH Craft in Gotemba this July.

The centre will integrate key R&D and marketing functions for advanced composites within the Teijin Group.

Teijin Group is actively involved in the development of carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP) for automobiles, aircraft, marine vessels, industrial robots and wind power generators. The new R&D centre will enable Teijin to work in close collaboration with automotive manufacturers to develop CFRP components that offer improved functionality in terms of weight reduction and crashworthiness.

The Teijin Group opened the Teijin Mirai Studio in the company's headquarters last November, using the new facility as a showroom to encourage collaborative planning with customers. To date, many visitors have proposed ideas for developing new CFRP products together with Teijin. With its new TCIC R&D centre, Teijin expects to collaborate even more closely with customers to transform their proposals into viable CFRP technologies and products

GH Craft, led by its founder and president, Gaku Kimura, has a 38-year track record of researching and developing advanced composites. The company is now expanding this scope to fully enter the highly promising field of CFRP.

Under the new arrangement, Teijin's materials, carbon fibre, aramid fibre and polymers, and related technologies, will be integrated with GH Craft's design, modelling, prototyping and fabrication capabilities. Through the integration, Teijin expects to strengthen its response to customer needs and accelerate its development and commercialization of CFRP products.

The TCIC will function as an R&D hub for advanced composites, and serve as a lab for collaborating with customers of the Teijin Mirai Studio, especially for the development of CFRP automotive components.

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