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NIAR to Gain Research Space at New Jabara Training Centre

21 January 2008

Sedgwick County recently approved a $54 million bond issue for a new National centre for Aviation Training at Jabara Airport in Wichita., which will house additional space for WSU’s National Institute for Aviation Research.

The centre will focus on high-tech training curriculums in aviation and manufacturing, including aviation technology maintenance (A&P), avionics, mechanical engineering technology, composites, non-destructive testing and advanced manufacturing.

Upon completion of the 211,000 square foot facility in early 2010, NIAR’s CAD/CAM, composites and advanced joining laboratories will occupy a significant amount of space in the new facility to perform research and training in collaboration with WATC. NIAR will also expand its non-destructive inspection capabilities.

The Composites and Advanced Materials Lab will have access to more than 7,500 square feet of space for composites lay-up research. These facilities will include a large lay-up and repair area, a clean room and a new autoclave. Some of NIAR's current Composites Lab employees will be stationed at the new facility.

“Both WATC and NIAR recognized the advantages when this was first proposed. The partnership results in the ability to offer training on the latest technologies from NIAR’s research. This benefits local industry by helping them stay progressive and competitive,” said Tom Aldag, NIAR director of research and development.

Aldag and NIAR executive director John Tomblin collaborated with Sedgwick County and WATC personnel to plan for the facility to provide the best training and research environment for the aviation industry, employees and students.

“The National Center for Aviation Training will be a valuable asset to the Wichita aviation industry,” said Tomblin. “We're excited to be part of this unique partnership of training and research that will benefit not only WATC and NIAR, but especially local aviation companies and the community.”

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