New Spray Gelcoat Provides Weathering Performance

13 May 2007

The new Crystic Envirotec LS-30PA gelcoat introduced by Scott Bader has been designed for applications where the exterior finish durability of FRP moulded panels is critical.

This is a high performance ISO-NPG gelcoat which is filled, pre-accelerated and formulated for spray application. According to Scott Bader, it has demonstrated excellent weathering characteristics during extended exposure tests in Florida, with gloss retention, colour fastness and resistance to yellowing all proving to be highly superior to competitive products.

Tests were undertaken at the Atlas Weathering Services Group site in Florida (pictured) where the gelcoat was subject to extended weathering tests.

The product is available in a wide range of colours and is formulated for ease of spraying and handling qualities. Scott Bader says that the viscosity profile ensures even coverage with a recommended film thickness of 0.5-0.6mm wet, built-up by the application of several thin even spray passes at a minimum spray pressure. Such sprayed finishes resist sagging and slumping and provide a low porosity finish which is achieved through minimal air entrapment and good air release. Finishes have a proven osmotic blistering resistance following extended testing, and a low styrene content helps to maintain minimum emission levels in the workplace environments.

Spray applications and product curing are recommended at constant workshop temperatures between 18-25°C, with accelerated post curing also possible at elevated temperatures. The product is Lloyds approved and can be supplied in 25kg kegs and 225kg drums.

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