Huntsman Launches Araldite 2000 Plus

13 May 2007

Huntsman Advanced Materials has launched Araldite 2000 Plus - a new portfolio of structural adhesives.

The Araldite 2000 Plus range offers solutions based on three key chemistries – epoxy, methacrylate and polyurethane. Products from the Araldite 2000 Plus range were unveiled at an exclusive launch event in Barcelona which was attended by Huntsman’s senior management team and partners from the company’s European distribution network.

To construct the range, Huntsman has re-engineered products from its family of Araldite structural adhesives and has also added new solutions that were previously unavailable. The new range is split into two main areas, dividing products for metal and plastic bonding, to make easier to assess specific performance demands and ultimately find the best solution for customers.

Explaining more, Doug Thompson, global marketing manager for adhesives at Huntsman Advanced Materials said, “The Araldite name has always been synonymous with quality. Invented 60 years ago, Araldite adhesives have long been regarded as the premium bonding solution available to industrial design engineers. As such the team of adhesive experts at Huntsman has an unrivalled reputation in the design engineering community which is founded on the quality of our products and the work our research and development teams undertake with adhesive users around the world. Through ongoing work with our valued distributors and their customers, Huntsman identified that engineering substrates, like plastics, metals and composites are now the most popular materials used by modern design engineers.” Continuing, Thompson said, “The launch of Araldite 2000 Plus addresses many of the design issues we know these engineers face on a daily basis. Previously Araldite was known as a pure epoxy adhesive solution. However the launch of the Araldite 2000 Plus range extends the breadth of our chemistries to include superior fastening solutions based on methacrylate and polyurethane technologies. We are extremely excited about the global prospects for the Araldite 2000 Plus portfolio and look forward to extending the breadth of the range in line with emerging market opportunities.”

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