Porta-Bote Introduces Revolutionary Composite Folding Boats

05 February 2008

Porta-Bote International has unveiled its new high-performance portable folding boats.

The internationally patented Porta-Bote is now available in the Genesis Series of 2.85m, 3.27m, 3.85m and eXxstream Series (4.28m) models with hulls weighing in at 21kg, 26kg, 31kg and 43kg respectively.

All Porta-Botes can be opened in just a few minutes, weigh half as much as comparable aluminium boats and store easily with their, flat folded size. The tough composite hulls carry a 10 year limited warranty by the manufacturer, who says that they never need painting and are unaffected by saltwater, fuel and even battery acid.

As for performance, Porta-Botes leave similar sized aluminium boats and inflatables in their wake only needing half the horsepower of these heavier boats. The hull's design traps the bow wave and guides it under the boat to dramatically reduce drag while increasing speed and stability.

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