Composite Technology's DeWind Receives Order for 40 Turbines

05 February 2008

Composite Technology Corporation’s subsidiary, DeWind, has received an order from S&M CZ for 40 DeWind turbines for 61,440,000 Euros (approximately $90 million).

The agreement consists of 40 DeWind 2.0 megawatt D8 turbines for installation at multiple sites in the Czech Republic. The D8 turbines will be assembled at the TECO Westinghouse facility in Round Rock, Texas.

The delivery schedule requires 10 turbines to be shipped in the fourth quarter of 2008 and 30 turbines delivered throughout 2009.

Benton Wilcoxon, CEO of CTC, stated, ""We are pleased to continue our history of selling high performance turbines to the European market. With our manufacturing capability and established supply chain, DeWind is poised to move forward in several geographic markets.""

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