Power Adhesives VAC-TAC Adhesive System for Vacuum Infusion

18 February 2008

Power Adhesives has introduced the VAC-TAC adhesive system for a faster, safer, solvent-free adhesive system for composite companies utilizing vacuum infusion technology.

According to Power Adhesives, compared to traditional aerosol adhesive systems commonly used in the vacuum infusion process, the VAC-TAC system is more economical and helps composite companies lower VOC output. The system is designed for securing and positioning reinforcement materials and is said to overcome traditional problems usually associated with aerosol adhesive systems.

The VAC-TEC system consists of Powder Adhesives TEC 6300 spray hot melt glue gun, 20 feet (six metres) of hose and the VAC-TAC adhesive in a hot melt cartridge form.

To use the VAC-TAC System, connect the glue-gun to an air and electrical supply. The adhesive melts inside the glue gun chamber and once melted can be sprayed directly onto one of the substrates. The hot melt glue gun is fully adjustable to a variety of spray patterns and coating widths for optimum flexibility.

""The VAC-TAC System is easy to apply and allows for composite structures to be built quickly saving time and reducing production costs,"" explained Lee Stegall, Director of Sales for Power Adhesives. ""Not only does the VAC-TAC System offer economical benefits over other aerosol systems, but by eliminating solvent based adhesives, the composite company improves their employees working environment.""

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