Oversized FRP Fume Hood Panels Maximise Yield

18 February 2008

In an effort to facilitate improved fume hood fabrication yields, MFG Composite Systems Company (MFG-CSC) has introduced a proprietary oversized FRP composite sheet that’s 1.5” larger than the industry standard (49.5” x 97.5” vs. 48’ x 96”).

The larger sheet avoids fabrication objection by allowing for a more secure sheet around the edge during CNC machining.

The unique sheet size was born out of a client request and required a larger tool to be built to create a larger compression-moulded piece to maximize the end-user yield to its fullest extent. Additionally, the sheets use a lower level of glass, offering the capability to machine multiple sheets at one time.

MFG-CSC FRP Fume Hood panels are chemical, fume and smoke resistant to meet or exceed industry standards including:

▪ SEFA (Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association): Certified Class A for chemical spills
▪ UL (Underwriters Laboratories): Flame Spread Rating of 20
▪ UL (Underwriters Laboratories): Smoke Index of 250

The initial capital investment in the tool for the oversize fume hood panel has also allowed MFG-CSC to provide a unique stocking program of the panels for quick delivery.

According to MFG-CSC Sales Manager Mike Parker, “The material is also ideal for any wall panel application that needs these chemical and flame resistant properties. Plus, the oversize sheet can be made for any application to help the ease-of-fabrication & maximize sheet yield.”

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