New XTEND 840 Semi-Permanent Mould Release for Marine RTM Production

08 April 2008

A new semi-permanent mould release from Axel Plastics Research Laboratories, XTEND 840, has been designed to provide gloss and durability for RTM operations.

“Generally, marine moulders have had to choose between using a mould release that provides good gloss; or a release that provides better slip and durability, but at the loss of appearance. Now, with the introduction of XTEND 840, RTM operations no longer have to sacrifice a ‘class A’ finish to gain the durability and ease of release that they desire.”, said Nancy Teufel, Global Product Manager for Axel.

XTEND 840 is a solvent-based, reactive resin solution that cross-links and cures, providing a durable release coating. The semi-permanent release is wiped or sprayed on the mould and allowed to dry - Axel say that it requires no wipe off or polishing to achieve a high gloss, streak free finish. The semi-permanent release is specially formulated to apply with ease at both ambient temperature, and also at typical process temperatures. This makes it simple to use for both mould preparation and touch-ups. According to Axel, the release provides a surface tension that is suitable for gel-coated ‘A’ sides in RTM molding, while still providing the chemical resistance and durability of release performance that ‘B’ sides, or non-gel coated parts require.

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