M.C. Gill Qualifies New Bulk Cargo Compartment Floor Panel for Airbus Aircraft

22 April 2008

Gillfab 4523, a low smoke sandwich panel with facings of modified phenolic resin reinforced with a combination of woven and unidirectional glass fibres and Nomex honeycomb core, has been qualified.

This panel has high impact resistance and is qualified to Airbus Technical Specification No. 5360 MIM 000500, Issue 6, FAR 25.853 and ABD 0031, Type BCC3. This new panel exhibits a 71% increase in impact strength over its predecessor, Gillfab 4223. Gillfab 4523 is suited for the rough treatment it will endure in the bulk cargo hold area meaning more flights between repairs. Another key benefit is that Gillfab 4523 inserts are the same as those qualified with Gillfab 4223 so change-outs will be seamless.

M. C. Gill say that Gillfab 4523, their next generation bulk cargo floor liner, is a step ahead of similar products and exceeds Airbus Specification impact requirements by 33% with minimal increase in weight.

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