AlSiC-9 Base Plates for IGBT Offer High Reliability and Extended Service Life

22 April 2008

CPS Corporation has launched AlSiC (Aluminum Silicon Carbide), a metal matrix composite intended for base plates for insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT) used in high-power traction, power control, Hybrid Electric Vehicle power systems, and fly-by-wire applications.

The low isotropic coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) value of AlSiC-9 (8 ppm/°C: 30 – 100°C) is compatible with the thermal expansion value of the die or substrate used in IGBT applications. CPS say that the AlSiC CTE match reduces the mechanical stresses on IGBT die and substrates that is induced by thermal power cycling, which improves reliability of substrate attachment and reduces die cracking failures. This eliminates the need for stress compensation material layers that are required in copper baseplate assemblies, simplifies assembly and reduces thermal resistance..

According tp CPS, in high power applications, IGBT modules assembled with AlSiC baseplates have a service reliability of many tens of thousands of thermal power cycles over Cu equivalent systems.

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